Bought a new home? Top 5 tips for what to tackle first!

February 13, 2019

You’ve just purchased your first home, now what? Here are 5 tips for what to accomplish first, it’ll help to make the transition easier by helping to prevent future calamities:

  • Change the locks

This is the FIRST thing that should be done after moving into a new home. While you would hope that the previous owners turned in all copies of their keys, there really is no way to be sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry so replace all of the locks in the house. The best thing to do is to make a list of every lock that needs to be changed, who will need copies, and how many copies will need to be made. This will also be a good time to determine where to leave a spare key if you feel safe enough to leave one around.

  • Start cleaning

An important step for people that are not moving into a brand new home is to get cleaning. Doing a deep clean of the house sounds obvious but some people might make the mistake of assuming the previous owners have thoroughly cleaned prior to leaving. Before unpacking all of your boxes, vacuum and mop all of the floors. Also wipe down all of the shelves and closets. The final step in your cleaning process is to replace all of the toilets seats in the house. Cleaning everything will really help everyone to feel that they are getting a fresh start.

  • Check smoke and fire alarms

Go through every room in the house to check the smoke and fire alarms. Be proactive and buy the batteries before testing. This means that you’ll be able to replace them right away instead of letting it constantly fall to the bottom of your to-do list. This would also be the time to check the expiration date of your fire extinguisher. If the extinguisher is out-of-date or your home doesn’t have one, purchase one immediately and place it in your kitchen. A fire safety plan should be created and explained to your family.

  • Look for plumbing leaks

Don’t let a small leak evolve into a huge problem. While the home inspector will conduct a check of your home before you move in, doing a double-check has never hurt anyone. The best case scenario is that nothing is wrong but if there is a problem then this is the optimal time to fix it.

  • Make it your own

After putting in all of your furniture and other items, find some small (or large) DIY projects that will help to make the place feel more like your own. Even a fresh coat of paint can contribute to helping the place feel like yours.

Moving into your first home is a big step and problems will always arise. When it comes time to reach out for help, don’t hesitate to pop into the shop or call us at (01) 459 2133. We’ll be happy to help.