Choosing the Right Pavings for Your Garden

June 21, 2019

Plants. Grass. Flowers. Grills. These are all of the first things that spring to mind when we first think of gardens. But what about pavings? While our mind often wanders about these pretty things or cooking up some tasty food it becomes easy to forget how important pavings out for your garden. Think about how often you spend time walking along these pavings, year after year and day after day. Not too mention how bad or old pavings can be an eye sore to many a potentially gorgeous backyards. Prevent the worst from happening and let your garden live up to its full potential by understanding how to pick the perfect pavings for you.

The first decision is what type of pavings will work best for your garden. Surprisingly there are a nice variety of options out there. These are the most common types of pavings that you’ll see:


Be unique by using limestone which is known for its distinct texture. The colour range is the most limited but due to its texture this paving is easier to sort into all types of shapes.


This is considered a great all around choice and one of the most popular options. Part of this is that it is easier to cut allowing it to have a lower cost. It’s easy to purchase sandstone in many colours. Remember, even though you can purchase in large quantities you should expect some variation in colour.


Often sold in cubes there are no other options that provide more durability. The colour range is large and usually free from blotches. Due to high costs, granite is often used as an accent piece and can add some colour to your pavings.


Easy to install, attractive features, and affordable, gravel is a great option for people with smaller budgets. It requires a little more maintenance as untended gravel can become weedy.


It’s a versatile, durable option that offers a large range of options. You’ll have a nice choice of options in terms of color, shape, and size when looking at stone as an option. The main con to choosing stone is that they can be expensive to purchase and is also expensive to install. While prices vary depending on quality, it is considered one of the pricier options.

When considering which type of pavement to choose and what colour/style that you like remember these helpful items:

  • Take into account the layout and design of your garden
  • Don’t forget to think about the effects of the weather
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Purchasing pavings for your garden is an important task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have some questions or are finally ready to make your purchase then stop into the shop. We’ll be happy to help!