How To Make Your House More Secure

January 15, 2019

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner, a first-time buyer, or a renter, everyone wants to feel safe in their home. Keep the worries at bay and your family protected with several simple tips to secure your home.

Get a Security System

Easy enough. Purchase a trusted and reliable security system for your home. There is a large variety of security options these days so do some research to select the option that fit your needs and budget.

Lock the Doors (but really lock them)

The first step is to make sure that your doors are always locked. The second step is to get a deadbolt and a strike plate. The final step is to make sure that the door is secure by checking the frames and the hinges. Don’t make it easy for burglars to walk through the front door.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

In the modern era, burglars don’t even have to enter your house to steal from you. Your home wireless network makes it possible for them to steal your personal and financial information. Secure your wireless router by enabling WPA or WPA2 encryption, use a firewall, install antivirus protection, and create strong passwords.

Invest in a Safe

Keep personal items secure in a safe. The only tips are to make sure that it has two locks and is the right size for your belongings. Deciding between a portable or anchored safe is up to you.

Make it Shine

A person trying to enter your house will not want to be in the spotlight. Strategically place lights around your front and back yards, along pathways, and near the garage and other outdoor structures to keep the bad guys away.   

Remove Hiding Spots

Tall shrubbery and trees are appealing but they also offer great places to hide. Make sure that your landscaping is low and trimmed. Remove all trees that are by windows and don’t forget to put ladders/stools away in secure sheds.

Keep Your Family Informed

Your family should be updated on all of the measures to keep the home safe. It’s important to have a safety plan and to teach little ones about how to be secure.

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