New Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

August 16, 2019

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen this year? We’ve got all the top trends you should consider before you start!

Open Shelving

People are opting for a decluttered kitchen space and having counters free of all freestanding appliances. This can lead to the need for more storage in kitchens than ever. To create extra space open shelves are trending this year. Rather than upper cabinets think about using glass, wood or metal shelves. This design is sleek and inspired by hotel and retail spaces to give accessible storage without closing off the space and lets you add a little personality.  

Secret Appliances 

Following the decluttering trend is sleek and concealed built-in appliances, think about replacing your ventilation hood with other ventilation systems or concealing in behind an element of your design. Induction hobs are also great and very popular due to their streamlined look you won’t even see them built into your countertops. 

Be Unique 

With minimal appliances and sleek designs, you can turn your focus to other elements in the kitchen. A big focus in 2019 is unique features such as sinks, hardware, and handles on cabinets. Think outside the box when it comes to the details of your remodel. These small features are a great way to add some personality to objects you use every day. 


This comes as no surprise! Technology is vast in all elements of our life and now its a huge trend in kitchens. When remodeling and ultimately buying new appliances have a lookout for what’s available, from built-in phone chargers to WiFi-enabled coffee machines. There is something you’ll be sure to find for your new kitchen. Before you know it you won’t know how you lived without it!

Bright, Not Light 

While timeless, clean and fresh white kitchens are no longer sought after. That’s right white is out! The new trend this year is colour. There are lots of ways to incorporate colour from walls to cabinets and all the accessories in between. Play with as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Ways to incorporate more colour in unique ways include

  • two-tone cabinets
  • statement floors 
  • roofs and coloured grout

These unique ways will set your new kitchen apart from the rest. 

Contrasting Finishes 

With so many trends this year you’re probably wondering what direction to take? Good news, you don’t need to pick just one! What used to be a huge kitchen faux pas is now one of the biggest trends we’re seeing, mixed finishes. Matte is hugely popular following the sleek decluttered trend but is being used combined with wood and natural elements to add warmth and character. If you like something give it a go and don’t worry about the finishes matching, you’ll be right on trend if they don’t!

If you need advice on your kitchen remodel this year pop into us and one of our teams would be happy to share all the advice we’ve got!