When to Splurge on Your Bathroom Remodel

March 22, 2019

Not all things are created equal. This phrase is true for most things including remodelling your bathroom. When it comes to setting your budget, it’s important to leave some room for items that you want to invest more money in. However, it’s worth noting that not all items are worth the extra spend. The key part of remodelling is to know when to save and when to splurge. This will make all of the difference in your new bathroom.


Flooring Material: All floors are made for walking. It could be argued that investing more on your flooring material will help in the long run but the opposite is true. The best flooring options in terms of durability like ceramic and porcelain tile are actually quite affordable. The difference in look and feel when buying a new floor isn’t worth the extra few euro. Stick with something affordable and put the additional funds towards an item worth the lavishness.

Toilets: It has probably happened but very few people have purchased a house because they love the toilet. There are many fancy options for toilets these days but unless this is of great importance to you, stick with the basics. Find a classic and sturdy toilet that matches your design and save your money for better things.

Accessories: Some of your bathroom accessories like bath mats, waste baskets, containers, and shower curtains don’t need to be super high end. Get creative by finding cute, affordable accessories that can give your bathroom some much needed flair.


Stay Warm: Use the money saved from purchasing flooring material to invest in making you bathroom nice and warm. Nothing is more dreadful in the morning than stepping on a cold bathroom floor. Improve your life with heated floors that will keep your feet nice and warm on those cold, winter mornings. If it’s in your budget, look at the possibility of installing towel warmers. Along with floor warmers, having a fresh warm towel in the morning might be the inspiration that you need to get out of bed in the morning.

Showers: If you’re someone that enjoys relaxing in a bathtub, then this one is not directed at you. It’s advised to not splurge on a tub and to instead invest in a walk in shower. To really improve your return on investment, go for a frameless glass shower door. They have less chances of leakage and mould over time.

Vanity: Odds are that a lot of time will be spent in front of the vanity. This is why it’s worth investing in something nice and practical. It’s also a great opportunity to try and maximise space. Look through several examples of vanities to decide which one works best for the space.

Once you’re ready to begin on your new bathroom, don’t hesitate to visit our site or contact the team for all of your needs and questions.